Last Changed:  Thursday, 12-18-14

Oops, I almost forgot. One more thing before the finale:  I love Dalmatians.

StarspotHere’s Starspot playing in the snow.  She’s not my Dalmatian, but she’s a metaphor for light pollution and dark skies. She’s mostly white — like light blighted nights stained with business lights — and a few spots of darkness where stars are free to shine relatively wild.

Dalmatians are born sans spots. Soon, spots appear, but don’t cover their coat completely, like the few dark spots left on Earth where stars shine free.

And as Dalamatians age their black spots grow grayer, like human hair, eventually turning white, like mine.

Likewise, the few splotches of dark night left on Earth are graying, turning white, as more and more Satans Of Brightness (SOBs) steal starlight with their dis-aster-ous [sic] night lights.

We must make Starspot and Earth mostly black, dark with tiny white spots, as in this image (below) of a possible future America with dark night skies.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

Yeah, that’s Las Vegas, Sin City, land of SOBs!  Let ’em eat light, that is, until Americans finally awaken from their slumber and wrest control from those who least deserve it — Light Blighters — and get on with a real Moonlight Revolution!

How can you help?  Tonight, start a Moonlight Revolution where you live and save the Milky Way, or say bye-bye to starlight at night! NLO, Make It So!

And now…the  Finale!

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