Eliminate Earth Day

More than 20,000 attended first Earth Day in Philadelphia (AP/Bill Ingraham)
More than 20,000 attended first Earth Day in Philadelphia (AP/Bill Ingraham)

Today is Earth Day, April 22, 2014, forty-four years after the first Earth Day in 1970.

It was a Big Deal, as I  recall, but I was a naive youth of 27. Now I’m 71 and Earth Day is all but dead, at least as far as I’m concerned (and many others who don’t live on an Isle of Denial).

Obviously, the Govs / Corps won the war, owning Earth’s ore and oil, lock, rock, and barrel. Worse, 44 years of Earth Day events changed nothing. Is Earth better off now than 44 years ago?  NO!  If you believe otherwise, you’re living on your Isle of Denial and likely believe another 44 years of Earth Day events will make things all better.

My perspective as a Terraist? Nothing will change until Earth is First In Things, Thoughts, Deeds, Decisions!

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  1. Yep, the earth is in big trouble, but the loss of the starry universe due to unchecked light pollution is leading the way. It’s been a while since I posted a comment, so here goes.

    Bet all who read this will recognize the scenario.

    Ever been to a city/council meeting where the citizens speak about a problem, demand it gets fixed, and then throw the solution into the laps of the council members? Light Pollution (LP) activists are exactly opposite.

    We show up, then with photos, graphs, power point presentations, explain all of the problems associated with light pollution, then we hand the solutions to the council members on a silver, no, a Platinum platter! We’ve connected the proverbial dots for them!!!

    And what happens then? They look at us as if we’ve lost our minds! Not only do these people refuse to do anything about LP, but they can’t connect the dots even after we show them the dots.

    Light pollution is a growing problem, but will it ever be reversed? My guess — NO.

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