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…Let’s flip the switch on light polluted nights and restore starry sights!
Humans seem addicted to light.  There’s more to light than meets the eyes.

Hi. I’m Stargeezer Jack Troeger, a lifelong amateur astronomer.
A starry sky kinda guy.  Is your community visible?   It shouldn’t be!
Too much light blight?   That’s not right!
Past attempts to lessen light pollution — EPIC FAIL!
Like climbing UUUP a DOWN escalator?
It needn’t be so, you know.   The Moon’s the tune!

Say,  NO!  to the Status Quo!    Whatcha gonna do?
Text?    Tweet?    Blog?    Share?    #it?   OR. . .
Organize!   Rise!   Rebel!   Deny!   Defy!  BIG LIGHT!
Become a dark sky defender, guardian, and protector, not a light pollution protester.
Who ya gonna call?    LIGHT BUSTERS!
Is there a Brighter Solution to Light Pollution?    YES!    The Full Moon!
Learn how to Eliminate Lights That Desecrate Nights with my