Scroll and Enjoy Debussy’s Clair de Lune (Moonlight). Estimated reading time: 3 – 4 mins.

Who’s afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf — the dark?
Sadly, most of us.  But before birth we all lived in darkness,
not learning to fear it – and wolves – until after birth.

We should celebrate darkness, not fear it.
A starry night sky can show us how.
But first we must eliminate lights that desecrate nights!

How?  The Moon’s the Tune. We humans are attuned to Her sublime glow, but few know Her faces, Her phases.

We’ve lost our link to Her and the Cosmos,
and forgotten Thoreau’s thoughts:
“In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

‘Tis time to renew our bond with Nature.
To let starry nights heal our pain.

The moon lights our nights. But we rarely notice.
So, weather permitting, when the full moon shines,
look up and soak in its silvery sorcery.

THEN. . . Fight the light that kills the night!
Organize  Rise  Rebel  Revolt  Deny and Defy  BIG LIGHT!

Night needs light like people need food.
A little food sustains us.   A little light makes us feel safe.
Too much food fattens us.   Too much light pollutes night.

Junk food sickens us. Junk light taints the night and paints the sky white, desecrating starlight.

BIG FOOD rules. BIG LIGHT reigns.

Junk food prevails. Junk light veils and pales.


People are awakening and replacing BIG FOOD’s
fake and phony fare with local, organic, chemical-free food, abolishing BIG AG’s / BIG FOOD’s control.

‘Tis time to awaken, to replace BIG LIGHT’s bright, blue,
blazing lights, with Nature’s Lighting Ordinance, NLO!

1. Make most lights no brighter than the full moon.

2. Use amber-hued LEDs, not bright, blue-rich ones.   OR…
Hey, you!   Get a clue!   Take my cue!   Subdue blue!  OR…
Get Science-y: Use lights 540nm or more and 2700K or less.

3. Aim lights down to see what’s up — STARLIGHT!

Bright lights glare?   That’s not fair!   Dare to care!

Learn how to press forward with all possible dispatch…


What’s the single most dangerous threat to astronomy, to numerous animals and plants, and to our sleep at night?

LIGHT POLLUTION!   A disastrous disease!

But most astronomers treat the symptoms, not the disease, mistakenly hoping for a cure they’ll never secure. So…

I’m seeking a few tenacious astronomers / nonastronomers with uncompromising, RADICAL zeal, resolved to restore dark skies.

RADICAL: to recognize the root or essence of a problem and strive to solve it.

The Problem — LIGHT!
Too much.  Too bright.  Wrong color.  Wrong temperature.

Past attempts to lessen light pollution using lighting law
schemes, memes, and dreams — EPIC FAILS!!

Meanwhile, the glare and glow of light pollution magnifies.

To eliminate lights that desecrate nights we must think and act outside our comfort zones, outside our telescope tubes, beyond the borders and boundaries of our old-hat wisdom, and use our heads for more’n a place to grow hair.

We must get RADICAL: create, debate, instigate, orchestrate,
educate, demonstrate, agitate for an attainable, viable,
functional, uncompromising solution to light pollution.

Light Pollution.   One Solution.   Moonlight Revolution.


I’m too old, too tired, too sick, and too sore
to fight a perpetual light war, anymore.
‘Tis time to pass my passion and action on to future
light blight fighters.


Are you curious and serious about starry skies?
Please reflect on my spiel ‘n appeal over a quiet meal, and if you are truly curious, serious, or FURIOUS about light blight and focused on DOING something about dark skies, contact me.