See your community?   You shouldn’t!

My Goldilocks Light Pollution Solution GLPS, is not a hair-brained scheme or wild-eyed dream.  It’s not about turning lights off!   And it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of solution. Each community can create their own style, design, strategy that leads to a Goldilocks solution to their light pollution problems. It’s about consensus, not us -vs- them, as lighting laws often become.

Hey!  Please don’t go away!  Watch lights fade away.

I call it my Goldilocks Light Pollution Solution (GLPS) because it’s juuust right — lights that are not too bright, too dim, too blue, too glary, too. . . you get the point.

Light at night that’s just the right kind, color, brightness, shielding. . . to satisfy most humans and all the Others who share Earth with us.

Will there be Goldilocks lights where you live tonight? Probably not.

Instead, you’ll likely by flooded with dangerous light that makes many people, animals, plants. . . suffer sleep, health, and growth issues. You too?

We must do better. We must eliminate lights that desecrate nights for ALL of us with a Goldilocks solution to light pollution that’s juuust right.

‘Tis not a pie-in-the-sky lie. Not a fly-by-night alibi, that fades in the blink-of-an-eye.

KISS:   Keep It Simple, Stargazers.  Be a LIGHT BUSTER!

We must see eye-to-eye, be sly, not shy, not turn a blind eye to a starry, dark night sky.  We must. . .

. . .think and act beyond the borders and boundaries of conventional wisdom.

We must deep-six past pigheaded assumptions, and see the universe, the night, in a whole new light — Goldilocks light.


For millennia humans lived by NLO, sunlight by day, moonlight and starlight by night. . .

We survived, thrived – surthrived — or we wouldn’t be here!

Returning to the past is futile, so let’s . . .

…press forward with all possible dispatch to create lights that respect all life within, upon, above, around, beyond Earth.

GLPS Simplified And Magnified:

      1. Make lights mimic the full moon’s brightness or dimmer.
      2. Use lights that are the proper color and temperature.
      3. Aim most lights down to see what’s up  — STARLIGHT!
      4. Shield lights, forcing light down, not up, out, and all about.
      5. Use timers and motion detectors on many lights.

Technology exists to do all five and more, providing safety and security for people and property.

Nature’s solution to light pollution eliminates lights that desecrate nights naturally, without a labyrinth of laws. . .


Whoa, don’t get your knickers knotted.
Lights faded as you read this page.    NLO!
Now, see the night sky with a Goldilocks Light Pollution Solution / Nature’s Lighting Ordinance!
And Make It So with a MOON. . .