As You Read,  Scroll,  Listen to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata,  And Watch The Lights!

My solution to light pollution, NLO, is not a hair-brained scheme or wild-eyed dream.

‘Tis not a pie-in-the-sky lie. Not a fly-by-night alibi, that fades in the blink-of-an-eye.

KISS:   Keep It Simple, Stargazers.

We must see eye-to-eye, by and by, be sly, not shy, not turn a blind eye to a starry, dark night sky.  We must…

Eliminate lights that desecrate nights! Think and act beyond the borders and boundaries of conventional wisdom.

We must deep-six most current wrong-headed, hard-headed,
pig-headed, bull-headed beliefs and assumptions,
and see the universe, the night, in a whole new light.


For millennia humans lived by NLO, sunlight by day, moonlight and starlight by night. . .

We survived, thrived – surthrived — or we wouldn’t be here!

Returning to the past is futile, so let’s . . .

Press forward with all possible dispatch to create lights that respect all life within, upon, above, around, beyond Earth.

NLO Simplified And Magnified:

  1. Make lights mimic the full moon’s brightness or dimmer.
  2. Use lights that are the proper color and temperature.
  3. Aim most lights down to see what’s up — STARLIGHT!

Technology exists to do all three, providing safety and security for people and property.

Nature’s solution to light pollution eliminates lights that desecrate nights naturally, without a labyrinth of laws. . .


Whoa, don’t get your knickers knotted.
Lights faded as you read this page.    NLO!
Now, see the night sky with NLO!
And Make It So with a MOO. . .