The Culture of Destruction

We live in a culture of destruction. We are addicted to it. It is destroying Earth, our only home, for the sake of profit and $$$$. Both Oblahblahblahma and Mutt Ro-money, and their handlers and believers are committed to it. But deep down inside, most of us know this culture is killing us and Earth.

Still, we are so deeply addled and addicted to it and all the possessions that keep it alive, that we are unwilling to free ourselves from it and kill it. If we are to survive our extinction, we must live in a culture where Earth Is First In Things, Thoughts, Deeds, Decisions. We can not hope to restore dark skies overhead until we cure our fetish for industrial civilization.

We must destroy the culture of destruction — civilization — and replace it with a culture of Earth First. To do this we must build a deep culture of resistance, a true culture based on Earth, a culture that will serve and protect Earth, us, and all the living and nonliving beings who reside in, on, above, and beyond Earth.

We must first envision this culture of Earth and then make it so. Thought Today! Action Tomorrow!

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