No More Big Rewrites…

Remember those Good Old Days (GODs)?

Johnny Carson delivered one liners, we laughed ‘n slowly slipped into slumber.

Johnny was one of very few people who made me laugh out loud. He still does.

Carnac the Magnificent. Johnny, turbaned ‘n caped., tripping onto the stage.

Alas, all too soon, Ed announced, “I hold in my hand the last envelope,” and the audience roared with hurrays, hurrahs, huzzahs, roots ‘n salutes, as Johnny glared at them with his Jack Benny-esque stare, then interceded with yet another “curse” upon their loved ones.

So, here it is…

Her-r-r-r-r-e’s my last “envelope,” the final version of my website. Yes, I hear you cheering…!

I have no curse to lay? lie? lain? laid? (I always cursed those verbs!) upon you, no final condemnation, denunciation, malediction, reprehension… to dump upon you like Johnny always did.

Oh, I’ll tinker with the website occasionally — you know I can’t leave well enough alone — and add blog entries from time to time…

But it’s over. No more big rewrites, redesigns, overhauls, makeovers, upgrades, no more major interventions on behalf of the Cosmos

Soon enough the curtain’ll close and hopefully the lights’ll dim and darken, and the “real” stars’ll come out to play about on the cosmic stage.

Earlier versions of my website evolved from being kind (too kind), gentle, and polite to fierce, fiery ‘n furious polemics, broadsides, fusillades. But light pollution never waned!

No more Mr. Nice — Dark Sky — Guy!

And every word, sentence, paragraph…is far gentler than what I really want to say!

My born-again website has a blog — Reflections and Refractions — astronomically appropriate, eh? It will include new scribblings and pieces, parts, remnants, fulminations, from earlier versions of my website.

Earth ‘n Sky First In Things, Thoughts, Deeds, Decisions!

To print any link on my website, simply go to the link and command your printer to print.

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