Hey. Stay. Please don’t go away. Watch the world whirled once, twice, thrice. . .

Are you blinded by the light —  headlights,  streetlights,  business lights,  too many lights, etc.?
See your city?   You shouldn’t.  ‘Tis time to use our heads for more’n a place to grow hair.
People’s most common complaint about light at night is its abundance and brightness.
Lights don’t need to be brighter, people need to be brighter!  Don’t turn lights off.
Instead, create a Goldilocks Light Pollution Solution where you live.
One that’s juuust right:  not too bright,  not too dim,  not too blue,  not too. . .
There’s a way to make it so without resorting to unenforceable, fear-based tactics like laws and ordinances.
Learn how to fight the light that blights the night, steals starlight, harms humans, kills critters. . .
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