Hi. I’m Jack Troeger, AKA Stargeezer Jack, Dark Sky Guy, Dark Sky Knight.
There’s more to light than meets the eyes. Color counts: blue, bad; gold, good.

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, the dark? Sadly, most of us; but before birth we all lived in darkness.
And we didn’t learn to fear it, or wolves, until after birth. I embrace the dark, and wolves, not fear them.

Hey. Stay. Please don’t go away. Watch the world whirled once, twice, thrice. . . See your city? You shouldn’t!
Light Pollution. Past attempts to lessen light pollution – EPIC FAIL – Like climbing UUUP a DOWN escalator?
So, who ya gonna call? LIGHT BUSTERS!!

I’ve endured 75+ years of increasing light pollution and wasted opportunities for action. ‘Tis time to ACT!
I don’t fight light pollution because I think or know I’ll win. I fight it because it exists and is deadly!

Say, NO! to the status quo! Whatcha gonna do? Text? Tweet? Blog? Share? #it? OR. . .
Organize! Rise! Resist! Rebel! Defy! BIG LIGHT! And eliminate lights that desecrate nights!

Does less light mean more crime? NO! Most crime occurs during daylight. Sensible lights reduce crime.
And less light (brightness) means less energy, less money spent, saving more $$$ than ultra-bright LEDs!
We all need the protection of proper light at night, but tonight there’ll be more light blight than ever before. Many lights already shine at peak brightness, blueness, glare…, making even tiny towns visible from space.

So, let’s just turn lights off, OK? Some, yes! Many, no! There’s a better way — the Moon’s the tune!

Don’t take this lightly: The only light pollution solution is light reduction. How Stargeezer? MOONLIGHT!
Lights don’t need to be brighter, we need to be brighter, using our heads for more’n a place to grow hair.
We must create a bright solution to light pollution focused first on the proper brightness and color of light.

Consider Nature’s ideal, perfect night light: the FULL MOON. All life on Earth adopted it and adapted to it.
My GOLDILOCKS Light Pollution Solution is the best resolution, just the right brightness and color.
It’s not too bright, not too dim, not too blue… Juuuust the right hue. Behold GOLD!

People ooh and aah in awe as the golden full moon rises and sets. Lights exist to mimic that color all night.
Hey, you! Get a clue! Take my cue! Subdue blue! Make it taboo! Be bold, go GOLD!

How can you help? Tonight, drive around your community. Make an informal survey of lights.
Which ones could be turned off? Be dimmer? Golden? Shielded? On timers or motion sensors?

Then, organize, Organize, ORGANIZE! Engage, and make it so! Start slow. Stay Local. Be Personal.

Make most lights mimic the full moon for security, energy savings, dark skies, 5-star sleep, a healthy Earth.
Learn how to fight the light that blights the night, slashes sleep, steals starlight, harms humans, kills critters. . .
Or-r-r-r, should we just pretend light pollution is a hoax, and wait until it magically disappears.